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Windshield Repair

windshield replacement bostonWindshield repair professionals estimate approximately 75% of damaged windshields can be repaired instead of being replaced.  This is great news for consumers.  Windshield repair is a much cheaper alternative vehicle owner’s hundreds of dollars over the cost of a complete windshield replacement.  If the damage to the windshield is not directly in the driver’s line of site it may be repairable.  Most auto insurance companies realize windshield repair is a cost saving alternative and encourage customers to have their windshields repaired by usually waiving the deductible amount.

Most windshield damage or rock chips are repairable if not directly in the driver’s line of vision and smaller than an inch in diameter.  Have Commonwealth’s auto glass technicians determine if your windshield will qualify for a windshield repair or if a full windshield replacement will be necessary.

Winshield Replacement

windshield repair and windshield replacement watertownIf you asked the average American, most would say they are concerned about safety components of their automobile.  Today’s automobiles are safety conscious with standard features like seatbelts, traction control, anti-lock braking systems, and air bags.  But what about another important element of vehicle safety: the windshield?   Recent surveys indicate that a majority of vehicle owners are unaware of the role a properly installed windshield plays in the safety features of any vehicle regardless of year, make, and model.  A properly installed windshield is vital to the structural integrity of your vehicle.  Properly installed windshields allow the airbags to deploy correctly during a collision and up to 60% of the roof strength in a rollover accident.  If a windshield fails during an accident the safety of the vehicle occupants is greatly compromised.  Don’t trust you and your families safety to just anyone when it comes to auto glass installation.  Let the auto glass experts at Commonwealth Glass & Mirror handle your windshield repair or windshield replacement. 

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